A leading logistics company seeking a superior security upgrade for their warehouses and transport systems

The Challenge:

  • Too many disparate systems and lack of centralised monitoring or authorization of action
  • Lack of effective monitoring of people and vehicular movement
  • Revenue loss due to thefts and pilferage
  • Absence of health monitoring system and cumbersome visualisation that adds to the disharmony

The Task:

  • A fool proof general surveillance system for the premise, both indoor and outdoor, was set up.  
  • Alerts based on rule engine were generated from events received from edge devices / sensors, video analytics algorithms or any manual override.
  • Alerts in case of crowd gathering (which may lead to strike, fights, etc.), or if cameras are tampered or moved, or if anyone enters the restricted area, Violation of PPE code etc. were generated
  • The flow of trucks in/out of factories and warehouses​ by CCTV cameras was monitored. Monitoring was also done for the frisking of vehicles through mobile app.
  • Deployment of ANPR solution at loading & unloading bay for digitization and to calculate bay efficiency.  ​
  • Regular reviews of specified truck​ at Exit-Gate Surveillance  was done
  • Automated gate control at entry-exit by checking truck name plate​ at Entry-Exit was incorporated in regular SOP

The Intellve Advantage:

The Benefit:

  • Thefts reduced to zero
  • Proactive approach over reactive
  • Reduction in revenue loss
  • Reduction in Cost (Insurance, manpower, etc.)
  • Reduction in operational discontinuity
  • Optimum utilization of manpower and other resources

Efficient Command Centre operations

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