A Leading Petroleum Refinery Set Up For Next Level Security Operations

It is a leading petroleum refinery in South India that has a capacity of about 15 Million metric tonne, and has a versatile design with complex secondary processing units and a high flexibility to process crudes of various API, delivering a variety of quality products.

The Challenge:

  • Plant’s perimeter was protected partially using a legacy intrusion protection system and CCTV surveillance present only in the processing areas of the plant, making the plant’s security operations ineffective and inadequate
  • In addition to this, there were two separate teams responsible for security (CISF and plant security).
  • Absence of a unified monitoring system resulted in poor co-ordination between the two security teams, which led to multiple security incidents, such as trespassing and pilferage. Further, these incidents were missed out and the teams were unable to take any timely actions.
  • With no mechanism to track vehicular movement, plant’s vehicles were misused for personal reasons leading to inflated fuel bills.
  • There were incidents of over speeding of vehicles leading to plant’s safety issue.
  • The client also wanted to have a system in place to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the plant.

The Task:

Based on the above challenges and the client’s ask, Intellve set out to step up the security framework.

  • The client wanted us to set up two independent command centres for the two security teams, such that both were required to be actively working while at the same time providing redundancy to each other. This increased the technical complexity in implementation for Intellve.
  • To provide a common operative picture, integration was required with multiple disparate systems, which posed another challenge in the implementation.

The Intellve Advantage:

  • Leveraging Intellve ICCC, we were able to integrate 300+ new and old camera devices in conjunction with a new perimeter intrusion detection system, to help the client monitor a 23 km plant perimeter and the enclosing areas.
  • To address the challenge of having two command centres, we created a new application layer to achieve command centre redundancy and data synchronization. This provided a reliable mechanism for the two security teams to co-ordinate & collaborate.
  • Our video analytics was used to detect people movement in the restricted areas preventing instances of trespassing.
  • In addition to this, we implemented multi-protocol adaptors to ingest data from various sub-systems and devices to provide a common operative picture.
  • Plant vehicles are now tracked with an integrated vehicle tracking system which uses geo-fencing and over-speed detection allowing the command centre operator to act upon vehicle deviation and over speeding on a pre-defined path.
  • We also supplied an integrated Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to monitor entry of unauthorised vehicles.

The Benefit:

  • Security of the Refinery is now compliant with Oil Sector Infrastructure Protection Plan (OSIPP).
  • Incidents of perimeter trespassing and pilferages have come down drastically.
  • Now, the two fully operational command & control centres play a pivotal role in managing the day to day security operations of the plant without missing any alerts.
  • The plant’s SOPs are now fully compliant & measurable.
  • With the powerful data analytics engine, our platform now provides various types of dash boards and reports for tracking KPI’s.
  • The trend and pattern analytics provide deep insights into the security operations, enabling effective governance of the plant.

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