The client is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) headquartered in Kerala. It was founded in 1949 and has grown at a rapid pace since then. Today, it has 4,208 branches across 28 states with assets under management worth INR 166.18 billion and a workforce of 24,717. It houses 3% of world’s gold.

The Challenge:

  • Managing 3,500+ sites across India with 15,000 cameras and 25,000 sensors, which was proving difficult and challenging as there were multiple independent systems and different teams were in place, but the systems were not integrated and there was poor coordination between the teams
  • Despite having a huge taskforce in place, their security operations were ineffective in handling a disproportionate number of alerts, every minute and important alerts were getting missed in the deluge of alerts
  • Due to the nature of the business, they were prone to several burglary attempts and they were unable to prevent any break-in situation at the safe room, as there was no way to differentiate the opening of the safe room door between normal and robbery situation
  • The ERT teams did not have real-time visibility into the situation as they were not able to reach the site on time and tracking this was difficult
  • Management reviews and analysis were based on partial information and troubleshooting of incidents took weeks together.

The Task:

Understanding the above challenges, our task was a complex one. We started out to fix thes problems through:

  • Integrating multiple systems and devices, and identifying and removing ones that had turned obsolete without any OEM support.
  • Individual site-level interventions were both expensive and time consuming. Bandwidth was severely constrained at the headquarters; hence continuous video analytics was not possible.
  • Manual workflows by different teams working on different systems made process automation difficult. Live operations of 3,300 sites across the country meant that there could not be any downtime.

The Intellve Advantage:

  • Using our Intellve ICCC platform, we integrated all the devices and subsystems in one command and control centre with minimal taskforce, effectively managing the alerts.
  • Alert correlation and right severity identification made sure important alerts were identified.
  • Automated workflow process with escalation mechanism ensured that identified alerts were not missed.
  • After discussions with the client, our team was able to see that there was a pattern in the robbery situations. Once the pattern was identified, we were able to train our system using Video Analytics to identify these events correctly and give suitable alerts.
  • We integrated the access control system with the CCTV system, using this data the client was able to correlate the events to identify normal and robbery situations. Integration with the safe room GPS system enabled tracking of robbery.
  • All operators and field responders connected on mobile devices with real-time visualization of video data.
  • Dashboards for Management helped track alert handling trends and reports with a single click.

The Benefit:

  • Direct savings of approx. INR 100 Cr. Per annum
  • No major incident since installation
  • Insurance premium reduced by 40%
  • Response time to incidents has been substantially reduced with all alerts being handled within 60 seconds.
  • ERT team with real-time visibility of site situation along with multimedia-enabled collaboration with control room enables fool-proof ground action
  • Internal workflows and SOPs now comply with best practices along with audit trails.

User friendly reports and dashboards enabled Management to drill down on incidents easily and effectively.

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