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Every organisation has different problems, and deserves a customised bunch of solutions. We provide an integrated solution package which is a combination of one or more applications of the parent software.

The Internet of Things

IoT Services

The Internet of Things bridges the gap between the physical assets (camera, sensors, etc) and the IT infrastructure in a manner that allows it to generate insightful data and providing actionable intelligence. It brings different protocols and different data formats into one “software” interface, thereby ensuring that the resulting decrypted data is accurate and in a form that can be put to practical use.

The Integrated Command & Control


The Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform serves as a shared space to host backend systems of various components of your building, factory, smart city, mall or power plant. It shall be a fully integrated solution that provides seamless incident-response management, collaboration and geo-spatial display of the desired space.

It can be fully customized to set the kind of alerts you want to receive based on well-defined patterns. It processes events automatically, performs correlations, prioritization and rule-based calculations based on a predefined business logic.

What we do Surveillance


An integrated video management system allows you to move beyond basic surveillance and create real-time situational awareness. It is designed to enable visual seeking of videos rather than the cumbersome rewind and fast-forward method. This greatly reduces the reaction time

The touch-based multi-camera selection, sync and control is very useful and intuitive. For example, you can simply outline the area that you want to monitor by drawing an outline on the map on the screen. It will combine the feeds of the cameras that capture that area and consolidate it on your screen.

What we do Application

Video Analytics

Our solution monitors live video feeds and gives real time situational awareness of identified locations. It allows you to set up rule-based event notification alarms for smooth, systematic and prompt actions to be taken in the event of pre-identified situations. It prompts you to take actionable decisions by providing the controller with event related metadata, and event associated video footage.


Camera Tampering | Sterile Zone | Trip Wire | Abandoned Baggage | People Counting | Parked Vehicle | Missing Object

What we do Dashboard

Integrated dashboard

The window of the software is a
highly intuitive dashboard that serves
the following purpose:
  • Provides integrated dashboard with an easy to navigate user interface for managing profiles, groups, message templates, communications, tracking receipts and compliance
  • Provides status (snapshot) of organization’s facilities, departments and a holistic perspective of incidents and situations, including incident handling time, number of false alerts, and number of active and closed incidents
  • Collects major information from other integrated sensors/platforms.
  • Allows different inputs beyond cameras, such as, PC screen, web page, and other external devices for rich screen layout
Mobility Responder Application

Mobility Responder Application

Mobility is an indispensable part of any modern solution. With our mobile responder application, you receive the capability to render the command centre on your mobile with maps, alerts and incident reports. The mobile app is a great tool in case of emergencies and receiving

information regarding anomalies. It facilitates smooth 2-way communication in the form of videos, text, photos, locations, etc, thereby enabling faster solutions to problems.