Artificial Intelligence: The key to a successful business venture

Artificial Intelligence: The key to a successful business venture

Asking questions and getting answers from digital voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri in our phones, tabs, homes, and even in cars is no more alien to us. This is the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the technology that gives machines the power to mimic human intelligence. Machines could be trained to make decisions of their own with the help of AI and Machine Learning (ML). Businesses have been keen to adopt this technology as it is extremely beneficial in improving productivity and cost-saving.

Scope of AI in businesses

The ability of AI to learn constantly makes it an evolving technology. Artificial Intelligence in India is slowly taking its root because of its potential to change the scenario of the country’s economy.


The Indian healthcare system is one of the most challenging sectors. Challenges like affordability, accessibility, infrastructure, availability of qualified doctors and staff are very common. AI can handle huge amounts of data and process desired and insightful results very quickly. It can help overcome the limitations of accessing and solving issues related to diagnosis, patient monitoring and care. It can also eliminate human errors and increase productivity. With the development of AI, the overall expenditure on the healthcare sector can be reduced.


AI is already in the process to change the transport sector with its extreme potential. Aircraft, spacecraft, ships and now even cars come with a personal assistant. Some companies are researching self-driving technology in cars. With the help of AI, scientists and engineers are trying to make self-driving cars that emit a low amount of gases.


Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana, call them and they will take your orders. It has become extremely easy to set up these assistants on your devices or at home to accomplish simple tasks of your choice through them. With the evolving technology, these assistants now also support different languages.

Manufacturing Sector:

Manufacturing industries have started implementing AI-based solutions at their facility. That has improved the productivity of the company drastically. AI is very useful in operating and controlling various robots and machines in the plant and make the work away from human error. AI learns the process very quickly and evolves itself with the process. Thus, giving no scope for errors.

Artificial intelligence can change the shape and process of the entire industry, facility or city. It can help improve productivity and eliminate errors from the system and make the process more efficient.

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