How Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform benefits your facility?

How Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform benefits your facility?

With businesses in India growing exponentially, the need to maintain infrastructure has also become essential. Maintenance means everything i.e. from taking care of the facility to its security and keeping an eye on the productivity & efficiency of the business. Technology is changing and, innovations are taking place every minute that have reduced time and effort. Remote operations have become an integral part of the business. Intellve Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform is one such technology that helps you access subsystems, monitor activities & act on them remotely.


What is Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform?

Intellve’s Integrated Command & Control Centre Platform (ICCC) is a centralised nerve centre that acts as a shared space for hosting backend operations of businesses and facilities. A single platform that gives access to multiple applications of the subsystems and helps you monitor & act on this data remotely. Based on Intelligence and data analysis, Intellve’s ICCC processes information and generates insights for smoother and safer operations.


How does the ICCC platform benefit your business?

We offer a truly distinct solution that eliminates redundancies of traditional systems while giving business operations more efficiency which leads to optimisation with better monitoring and cost savings


Operational Module

The operational module takes care of the video processing by monitoring cameras while storing data. An alert handling process gives timely notifications whenever there is a slight change in the routine. Incident management manages workflow seamlessly with context-based escalations. Quick Search and Asset tracking enable the users to search for the relevant data with ease. The SOP management lays down instructions to respond to the incidents and executes routine operations in an organised manner.


Dashboard Module

An easy and user-friendly interface with a live dashboard that enables users to interpret data using easy visuals and charts without expertise in analytics. A comprehensive reporting is being done using an automated and interactive process along with the smart dashboards that enable KPI tracking, trend analysis and pattern recognition.


Analytics Module

On the other end, the analytics module does the analysis that predicts the next steps from observed patterns. It also does a pattern analysis that identifies patterns from the collected data and manages processes through intelligence.


Easy working

The dashboard can be easily seen on mobile and laptop. This helps field personnel to access the data and monitor the movements and productivity of their facility remotely.



The platform is extremely interoperable and can be used for any industry of any size and complexity.


Cutting-edge technology

The platform is developed using the latest and advanced specifications to suit the ever-growing technological innovations. It is also compatible with the evolving trends in the technological arena.


Scalable and expandable

Easily adaptable to the configuration of additional IoT layers. An unrestricted platform that upgrades to unimaginable limits setting up a benchmark in the IT industry.

Intellve strives to bring about revolutionary changes in the technology world and, through the Integrated Command and Control Centre platform, it envisages giving the best future for businesses to prosper.

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