ICCC – A technology to make the world smarter and better

ICCC – A technology to make the world smarter and better

Our world is on a technological spree with new technology coming every minute. We are exposed to so many types of applications, interfaces, facilities, security options that it has become difficult to learn and get hold of everything. With this ever-changing technology, there have been a lot of advancements made to make monitoring and security a simple process. With the introduction of data analytics and artificial intelligence, the world has become a much smarter place than it was ever before. 


ICCC or Integrated Command and Control Centre is one such platform that has revolutionized the entire data response scenario. So what makes ICCC special? and how does ICCC make the world a technologically smarter and better place? Let’s have a look.


Integrated Command and Control Centre is a platform that serves as a shared space to host backend systems of various components of your facility be it a building, a factory, power plant or a city. A technology that provides a fully integrated solution with seamless incident-response management, collaboration and geospatial display of the desired space. ICCC can be easily and completely customized to set all kinds of alerts you want at your facility. Using well-defined patterns, it processes events automatically, performs correlations, prioritization and rule-based calculations basis a predefined business logic algorithm.


Using an ICCC platform you can keep a track of the activities happening at your facility. This helps you to keep an eye on anything suspicious, burglary, or unruly behaviour of your resources. You can set up alerts you want to receive to keep your processes smooth. The user-friendly dashboard of the platform enables you with the simplest interface and helps you find desired results in the form of visual, audio, textual, graphical etc. formats. Thus, helping you upscale the efficiency of your business and keeping security paramount.


ICCC has already been used to make cities smarter and safer. The government has undertaken many projects using the ICCC platform to track different analytical data running through the cities and control the systems remotely. ICCC eliminates unwanted data and alerts the system with the most relevant information, making it extremely simple and hassle-free. With the help of this platform, the government has also repurposed the infrastructure of the smart cities to contain COVID-19.

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