ICCC: The evolving avatar of surveillance

ICCC: The evolving avatar of surveillance

An Integrated Command and Control Centre is becoming a core for managing security, improving productivity and curbing disasters & various operations in a city or a facility over the years. Businesses are adopting the technology because of its versatile and accurate data. It helps you take control and operate the surveillance system of a facility or facilities within a city. ICCC is not only being used by the Government or Military agencies, but also in the education sector, banking, healthcare businesses, and industrial facilities.

What is ICCC?

ICCC or Integrated Command and Control Centre is an intelligence-based platform that records data from one or multiple sites and renders it in video, audio, and graphical formats.  It enables you to set alerts for any unusual event that happens in the facility. Thus, keeping your facility safe from thefts, burglary, slackers, and non-performing assets. Intellve Solution’s ICCC platform is a revolutionary software as it gives you a user interface with a dashboard which is highly user friendly. The platform records data in various formats like audio, visual, graphical etc. and sends alerts as programmed. It can evolve with the data it receives and gives smarter results with time.

India is rapidly adapting the ICCC platform under the scheme of smart cities. With the aid of a strong network, required applications and sensors, the objective of information for decision making has gotten a new perspective. This setup has given the authorities the power to evaluate the investments made and bring out the required profits for the cities and citizens together.

How does ICCC prove helpful for businesses and administration?

  • It makes the civic administrators on duty aware of the decisions to be made by setting up required applications.
  • It can bring all the departments under one roof and make it simpler to monitor data and take necessary steps.
  • It can help in seamless collaboration between departments.
  • Aids in making crucial decisions during an emergency or a normal situation.
  • Makes communication with the employees or staff easy and quick.
  • Helps you stay pre-planned by providing data through observing patterns and algorithms.

Businesses are getting used to the ICCC platform and its versatile functions. It is a system that supports your decision making by providing enormous amounts of simplified data. The intelligence-based platform is benefiting businesses in many ways by understanding the processes and evolving with them. It has simplified the monitoring, controlling, operating and decision-making processes of the businesses with its accurate data. This software can help businesses tighten their operations by handing over monotonous tasks to the machines and enabling human resources for more creative work. It can also help in taking cost-saving measures and improving productivity. Result oriented solutions with the ICCC can lead a facility to attain a peaceful atmophere, high productivity and smart work.”

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