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Pan Indian implementation of 4,000+ sites with about 50,000 devices & 5 sub-systems

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The client is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) headquartered in the state of Kerala.


  • Managing 4,000+ sites across India with about 15,000 cameras & 25,000 sensors was proving difficult and challenging.
  • Multiple independent systems and different teams were in place, but the systems were not integrated and there was poor coordination between the teams.


  • Multiple systems and devices were to be integrated, some of them were obsolete without any OEM support.
  • Live operations of 4,000+ sites across the country meant that there could not be any downtime.

  • Using our platform, we integrated all the devices and subsystems in one command and control centre with minimal taskforce effectively managing the alerts.
  • Alert correlation and right severity identification made sure important alerts were identified.
  • Automated workflow process with escalation mechanism ensured that identified alerts were not missed.
  • The size of the security and surveillance team substantially reduced resulting in project payback of 1 month
  • More than 50 intrusion attempts thwarted since installation, and all alerts handled within 60 secs with no disruption to operation
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) with real-time visibility of site situation along with multimedia-enabled collaboration
  • Insightful dashboards with KPIs enable Management to drill down on incidents easily and effectively
Products Implemented
  • ICCC Platform for an integrated command and control solution
  • Recording Engine for video recording and management
  • Touch client with Bing Map services for easy control room operations
  • Mosaic Client for continuous eye-ball monitoring
  • Operator Collaboration Suite for cutting-edge user collaboration
  • Mobile Suite for collaboration with field resources
  • Video Analytics for identifying exceptions that intrusion sensors cannot
  • Dashboards for management reviews and tracking