Monitoring Hub

What is Monitoring Hub?

Monitoring Hub is a cloud-first CMS+ tool with workflow management and orchestration for CMS operators in BFSI. It enables organisations to integrate multiple sites with sensors like IP cameras, access control, Intrusion detection systems, etc. and visualise the data on to a single dashboard.

  • First in segment virtual assistant in a chatbot environment for alert management
  • Graphical self-service configuration module for monitoring & workflow orchestration
  • Improved operator efficiency with workflow automation
  • Huge savings on initial investment
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Subsystems of Monitoring Hub

About Intellve

Intellve develops software that gather, visualize, and analyse data coming in from lakhs of sensors across thousands of remote sites. Our radical new technologies in the field of data visualization, video management, video analytics, and alert management allow you to detect operational anomalies in real-time by bringing together audio-visual, textual and sensory-based data under one common view.

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Monitoring Hub Features and
how it benefits the BFSI domain

  • 1. Connect multiple sites across the globe onto a single system
  • 2. Manage multiple sensors & multiple cross functional alerts which are generated onto a single alert.
  • 3. No need to design, install, maintain & upgrade servers at a centralized location.
  • 4. Enable remote work for your operators with any mid-level laptop or desktop device, this makes your offering pandemic proof.
  • 5. A no-code configuration module reduces the training curve for admins to setup the whole system.
  • 6. Customize workflows according to devices connected & optimize your response.
  • 7. Hire operators from anywhere around the globe.
  • 8. Quicker TAT to resolve alerts will result into a smaller team of operators managing more sites than before
  • 9. Operators need no training to take actions on a chatbot.
  • 10. Let AI take care of all your rudimentary tasks while humans work only on the complex one’s in your workflow.