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Our Platform

Our offices, factories, hospitals, smart cities, etc are equipped with smart devices to ensure security and smooth operations.

In the quest of making these devices as efficient as possible, we try to maximize the data that is received and stored. Result? A huge amount of unorganised information which cannot be humanly interpreted with the speed and efficiency at which it needs to be. Timely and accurate interpretation of this data can potentially lead to a secure, more efficient environment. That's where Theia comes in!

Theia collects, stores, reads and analyses data collected from CCTV cameras, sensors, elevators, HVAC and any other devices and systems present in the facility that are on open standards. Customized integration mechanisms can be used to support non-open standards systems, such that all information is available when needed and in the form in which it is most useful.

Presenting a platform so intuitive and intelligent, yet so easy and convenient to use, that it will become an indispensable part of your organization in no time at all.

Power Features

Touch Operations

Theia is completely touch-based and intuitive. The system has been fine tuned to a point where even a first-time user can easily navigate the system due to its simple, instinctive design.

System Integration

Integrate multiple systems under a common, intelligent software so that you can deal with multiple hindrances or handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Theia Integrates

Security systems (cameras, fire, access, intrusion), facility systems (sensors, lighting HVAC, BMS, Energy and SNMP), Business systems (ERP and POS), Database systems (Visitor, Employee, and Customer databases) and Social media feeds.

Pictorial Navigation

Integrated custom and geospatial maps to reduce navigation time and provide a clearer bigger picture to the user.

Alert Handling

Alert classification and profiling based on globally accepted protocols such as CAP and SIA to ensure a dynamic response to alerts.

Incident Management

Automatic data storage and analysis post disasters, so that even the machine learns how to avoid them from repeating.

Operator Collaboration

Dynamic, multi-level operator collaboration. Because in case of emergencies, every minute is precious.

Mosaic and Video Wall

Combined display and operating systems with easy touch-drop facility.

Mobile Integration

View and playback videos, analyze reports and get complete situational awareness; on the go!

Reports and Dashboards

Customizable settings on reports and dashboards with KPI tracking, trending and pattern analysis, and a lot more.


  • Anomaly detection through video analytics, system alerts, manual alerts, mobile alerts and location information.
  • Alert evaluation through visualization, contextual navigation, CAP profiling, diagnostics and collaboration between stakeholders.
  • SOP implementation through configured procedures, operator response, response dispatch and resource allocation.
  • Incident reporting through incident record, performance tracking, evidence repository and audit trail.
  • Updating stakeholders through incident informing, periodic reports, KPI dashboards and reporting trends and patterns.


  • Complete control of your security, facility and enterprise operations from a single dashboard.
  • Customise the way you see data patterns and trends that allows you to make important decisions quickly, thus saving time during emergencies.
  • Smoothly communicate with various stakeholders by sharing data in an easy and convenient manner on the go.
  • Experience intelligence in every aspect of your smart homes, offices and cities.