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When it comes to security at BFSIs, it is better to be safe than sorry. Protecting data and privacy and managing the flow of people are the cornerstones of a well-functioning BFSI. Given the high footfall in most BFSIs, it is essential that there is a robust security system that allows the management to develop high situational awareness through context-visualization of data.

Get security, intelligence & integration under one umbrella to secure your financial premise and obtain a global view of its operations. Move away from the technology of yesterday to improve efficiency in operations, reduce response time to situations and improve customer experience through Intellve’s modern solutions.

Services we provide
  • Central branch/ATM monitoring

  • Customer profiling through face recognition

  • Branch wise monitoring

  • Visual alerts in case of anomalies

The Intellve Edge
  • The Intellve Edge

  • Unified communication and response management on GIS

  • Fully customizable SOPs and workflow for demanding response needs