Alert Management System: Critical Infrastructure | Intellve

Critical Infrastructure

Security and operational efficiency are major concerns for manufacturing units. Real-time data about objects and the personnel on the factory floors can alert the management of security concerns, thereby allowing them to correct operation anomalies in time. With Intellve’s solutions for manufacturing units, you can experience a unified view from your shop floor to top floor. Combine loss prevention, intelligence and integration under one umbrella with our cutting-edge technology. We help industries achieve optimum levels of efficiency while ensuring watertight security through a common operating view of multiple systems.

Get security, intelligence & integration under one umbrella to ensure optimum efficiency and security from top floor to shop floor. Let’s join hands in elevating production efficiency and standardizing production processes through the most ground-breaking technology the world has seen in a while.

Services we provide
  • Integrate video with your delivery management system & ERP

  • Monitor manufacturing facility perimeter with real-time visual feeds

  • Monitor O&M of critical machinery

  • Track in-and-out movement of employees & inventory levels

  • Reduce reaction time to situations

The Intellve Edge
  • Context-based visualization for situational awareness

  • Unified communication and response management on GIS

  • Fully customizable SOPs and workflow for demanding