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Smart Townships

Maintaining security in buildings is a challenge faced by both builders and operators. More often than not, the security solutions for buildings are menial, expensive and ineffective. Presenting Intellve’s solutions for real estate: meet your need to combine security, supervising the facility and insights for operational efficiency with a single software. Adapt the principles of C4i (Command, Control, Collaborate and Communicate with Intelligence) for security and alert management in a real estate setup. Stand apart in this competitive market with our spearheading software that provides unparalleled security and operational efficiency.

Get security, intelligence & management under one umbrella to create a safe and thriving space. Adapt a forward-thinking platform that reacts to situations proactively, and allows free flow of communication between stakeholders.

Services we provide
  • Visual alerts during incidents

  • Construction intelligence

  • Traffic pattern and occupancy status

  • Crowd and parking management

The Intellve Edge
  • Integrate disparate systems during anomalies

  • Context-based visualization for situational awareness

  • Unified communication and response management on GIS

  • Fully customizable SOPs and workflow for demanding
    response needs