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Retail, especially the brick and mortar set up’s with a focus on experiential quality for customers, has evolved rapidly over the past decade and with it, has brought about a greater valuation of physical retail assets, which go beyond the value of the items. By combining data visualisation, video management and visual analytics, Intellve’s software solutions have helped retail clients to gain real time updates on both multi-site and standalone properties. Further, through a single-point, comprehensive view of a situation, in real time, Intellve’s solutions have been helping retail clients to stay abreast, take proactive measures, and avert disaster while also while focusing on reducing costs and improving operational efficiency of customers.

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The BFSI sector is one of the most vulnerable and thus sensitive sector when it comes to remote monitoring and security – especially in terms of physical assets. Often with multi-site operations across geographical locations

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Smart Cities

Intellve’s smart and integrated solutions for smart cities are designed to meet the rising demand for an effective remote monitoring and real time response solution that is driven by operational efficiency.

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Critical Infrastructure

The Energy sector, including the oil and gas infrastructure, is not only high risk set-up’s but also extremely sensitive to mis-handling/ crisis and can lead to major disasters that can result in loss of life, resources and money.

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