Integrated Command and Control platform by Intellve powers up Varanasi Smart city project

Integrated Command and Control platform by Intellve powers up Varanasi Smart city project

Intellve’s award-winning Integrated Command and Control (ICCC) platform provided a state-of-the-art software system to collect data from security and Smat Cityfacility sub-systems, analyse them and provide actionable insights for enhanced safety & security and for providing better citizen centric services for the Varanasi Smart City project. This ”Made in India” ICCC software with its R&D centre in Thane, Maharashtra is the only platform in India which offers Multi -Touch interaction with data objects, is highly intuitive and has a user-friendly GUI. The ICCC manages response within seconds which led to improve the communication & collaboration between various municipal services within Varanasi thus securing the 7th place for the city in the National Smartcity Project amongst 100 other cities.

The Urban Development Ministry urged the city authorities to set up Integrated Command Control Centres (CCCCs) in all Smart Cities. However, the challenge of managing a city today resides with no or less ability to control the separate information sources used by cities for its security & surveillance and for providing other citizen centric services. They lack the ability to visualize & extract meaningful information of the collected data. Intellve Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provided fuel to the Varanasi Smart City project with their thought of getting the right technology introduced to efficiently acquire, analyse and visualise data to effectively manage the city.

Intellve ICCC operates & monitors smart components, including CCTV Surveillance System, Environmental System, Smart Lighting System, Solid Waste Management System, Geospatial Information sSystem, environmental management system, Video Management Systems, Multi-Media Communication, Help Desk System, Variable Message Displays, Public Address System, Intelligent Traffic Management System and Adaptive Traffic Control system among others.

It detects irregularities or deviations from standard thresholds to facilitate rapid and organised mitigation response. Collaboration and geospatial display have made compatibility of devices and smoother functioning across campuses, townships and smart cities seamless.

The city also reaps benefits from integrated services like prescriptive & predictive data analytics, public announcement system, variable message displays, multi-media communication systems, enterprise management system, Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD),Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, speed violation and e-challans, mobility app for QRT, video display and video analytics and dashboard.

The ICCC platform offered multiple system & data integrations like powerful rule-engine to trigger real-time alerts, message normalization based on CAP profile standards, live GIS map based visualization and interactions, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or incident response to alerts, integrated real-time dashboards, integrated data analytics platform for prescriptive & predictive analysis, voice enabled & integrated with augmented / virtual reality to manage and respond to efforts, processes and operations for dynamic and effective city management.

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